Random Perk ModeEdit

The default mode. A random list of 7 perks is given when you level up. There is no maximum to the amount of perks you can get.

Strategic ModeEdit

Instead of a random list of perks given when you level up, Strategic Mode allows you to select the exact perk you want, however there is a maximum limit of 20 perks per game. Scroll the perk list by clicking on the up/down arrow or the middle mouse button. Press Y for the list of perks you have chosen.

Auto Perk ModeEdit

Auto Perk Mode allows you to select your favorite list of perks which is saved between games. When you level up, the game will randomly but intelligently assign new perks to you from the perk list.

Auto Perk List

Press the level up key (default is the space bar) to pause the game and see the current list of perks you got so far.

Note: The more perks you include in your list, the closer the gameplay will be to the default Random Perk Mode, only you will not need to pause the game to select perks.